Ultimate Storage Rack 1200

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Ball Storage Shelf


Kettlebell Storage Board


Dumbbell Storage Board


Bumper Plates Toaster


Stainless Steel Weight Plate Pegs Pair

$60.00 each

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Landmine Attachment

$70.00 each

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FITEK’s Storage Rack System is a comprehensive gym storage unit that can hold a variety of items. This is a relatively space-friendly storage rack that offers solid versatility. One of the best features of this storage system is how much you can pack into a small footprint. You have the option to purchase a storage system with length options of 1.1m and 1.8m. Offer four shelf options that are dumbbell board, kettle board, ball shelf and plates toaster, and weight plate pegs. FITEK gives you the option to build your own storage rack system to perfectly fit your gym space and equipment needs.

Get started with one pair of 1.2m uprights and storage foot pair, you can build your own storage rack with options of dumbbell board, kettle board, ball shelf, plates toaster, weight pegs, and landmine attachments.

The product in the image is with 1.1m length storage and 1.2m height uprights. Please check the size chart for dimensions.

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