Wall Mount Plates Barbell Storage Rack



The wall-mounted weight and barbell storage rack is the ideal solution for organizing and securing weights and barbells efficiently.

This robust storage system is designed to maximize space and streamline the workout area. Crafted from high-quality materials, it features multiple pegs for various sizes of weight plates, ranging from 0.25kg to 25kg. The unit includes dedicated vertical barbell hangers for barbells, ensuring they are stored safely and within easy reach. The rack’s vertical design is perfect for facilities with limited floor space but requiring ample storage. Its sturdy construction supports heavy loads, making it a durable and essential addition to any fitness environment. With its sleek and functional design, this rack not only keeps your equipment orderly but also enhances the aesthetics of your training space.

⭐️Frame: 75*75*3mm Gauge Steel

⭐️ Hardware: M20

⭐️ Store 6 Olympic Barbells Vertically

⭐️ 5 Cast Stainless Steel Weight Pegs

Please note: Barbells and Weights are not provided with this rack