Barbell Hanger For Rack Uprights



The FITEK Barbell Hanger is meticulously designed to accommodate Olympic barbell, offering a streamlined and space-efficient storage solution.

Engineered for versatility, this hanger suits 75mm x 75mm racks with 21mm holes. To attach it to a rack of identical dimensions but with 26mm holes, a 2.5mm thick plastic pad is required to ensure the connection is firm and stable.

When setting up, affix the plastic pad to the backside of the hanger. This strategy compensates for the hole size difference (26mm – 21mm = 5mm, and dividing this difference by two gives 2.5mm), with the pad’s 2.5mm thickness offsetting the radius variation.

Constructed from thick, high-grade steel, the FITEK Barbell Hanger guarantees enduring strength and resilience under the rigors of frequent and heavy use.

Each contact point is lined with premium protective plastic, safeguarding your barbell’s finish from scratches and wear.