Compact Heavy Duty Plates Tree with 4 Bar Holder



Introducing our ultimate solution for storing weight plates, barbells, and accessories, all consolidated in one impressive piece of equipment. Made of 11 gauge steel, featuring 75mm*75mm*3mm, equipped with M20 bolts and nuts for the mainframe, every single part is specifically designed for heavy-duty use. The net weight of this beast is an impressive 80kg, ensuring that all your equipment is secure.

Our storage unit boasts 11 pegs, providing ample space for 11 different sizes of weight plates. Small plates range from 0.5kg to 2.5kg, while big plates range from 5kg to 25kg. Additionally, you’ll find four hooks that can hold four pairs of barbell collars and four barbell holders, complete with plastic inserts providing excellent support and preventing any scratches. But that’s not all! You have the option of attaching four heavy-duty wheels to this unit to make relocation a breeze, and even with this addition, the weight capacity is at least 600kg while hitting a whopping 1000kg without the wheels. To top it off, we’re proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the frame.

Please contact us for freight as this is overweight and oversize shipping.