Compact Sled with Landmine


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With a revolutionary and unique design for ultimate versatility, the FITEK Compact Sled & Landmine is an all new piece of training equipment with multiple features in a small and convenient package. The Compact Sled can be loaded with weights for strength and conditioning work, or attach landmines in the corners for a plethora of barbell exercises.

The FITEK Compact Sled is made from robust steel and features a smooth underside with soft bevelled edges all the way around. Great for indoor or outdoor sled training as the unit slides over virtually any training surface without getting caught on bumps. Add light resistance to improve sprinting, or load weight plates onto the weight bar for high intensity strength training.

To make the equipment even more versatile, our Compact Sled features 4 landmine attachment points for solo or group barbell work. Simply click attachments into place where they lock in securely for a quick transition between workouts. The sky is the limit for training variations including pulling, pushing, squats, hinges, rows, core, conditioning and much more.

The landmine attachments click into place with a stainless steel pin and rubber protector to avoid scratching. On the inside the landmine is lined with plastic and a rubber bottom to protect your barbell from damage. When you have finished training, the weight bar can be unscrewed and attachments removed for compact storage, convenience and easy portability.

The FITEK Compact Sled & Landmine comes with one sled, one landmine attachment and one stainless steel carabiner for hooking up pulling straps.

Package Includes:

  • Sled x 1
  • Landmine x 1