Safety Straps



FITEK Safety Straps are the latest innovation in lifting safety. The hanging straps catch a falling load and absorb the force, rather than impacting with it, so you can lift heavy while keeping yourself, your equipment and your surroundings safe. When performing exercises in your power rack, especially if you don’t have a spotter, FITEK Safety Straps should be attached to prevent injury, avoid damaging your barbell and reduce noise from a dropped bar.

Adjusting FITEK Safety Straps is easy. Each end can be moved up and down easily with one hand and locked into place securely with a single peg. Thanks to the innovative design, any downward pressure on the straps simply locks both sides to the rack even more firmly. Unlike conventional safety arms, Safety Straps can be positioned with one side higher or lower to suit your exercise and dip below the connection point so that your range of motion is unimpeded.

FITEK Safety Straps are made from reinforced nylon with high-quality stitching and extra thickness in the drop zone. The ends are solid coated steel, painted in Hot Red to match the aesthetic of other FITEK products and feature 3-way plastic padding on the inside to protect your rack frame from scratches. Our Safety Straps are designed to hold more weight than you can lift – they have been tested to withstand a static load of 1500kg and 400kg dropped.

These Safety Straps are made to fit the FITEK Modular Rack system, or any power rack with 21mm hole diameter. This product is sold as a pair.


Small Strap ideal for uprights spacing 625mm, length of the strap only is 70cm

Medium Strap ideal for uprights spacing 775mm, length of the strap only is 80cm

Large Strap ideal for uprights spacing 1000mm, length of the strap only is 115cm