Dumbbell Storage Rack



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FITEK’s dumbbell rack offers heavy-duty storage with space-saving design. The frame is made up of heavy duty steel beams to ensure the rack can handle as much weight as you can. Rack beams are coated with a powder finish on the inside and outside, to protect the metal from corrosion and rust, and make them even more durable.

Likewise, the nuts, bolts and washers used to secure the rack at each attachment point are equally high quality. Made from heavy duty steel, this ensures that there is no weakness at the connection points.

For added versatility and customisability, all uprights feature our 4-way hole design and all crossbeams have 2-way holes. Holes are 21mm in diameter with 50mm spacing. And this can be attached to our power racks.


3 Shelf 4 Shelf
Footprint 139cm x 51cm 139cm x 51cm
Total Length 140cm 140cm
Height 129cm 135.5cm
Shelf Length 110cm 110cm
Shelf Depth 34cm 34cm