Band Pegs



Enhance your training with FITEK Band Pegs, designed to provide accommodating resistance and versatile storage options. Crafted with heavy-duty construction and finished with chrome plating, these pegs ensure maximum durability.

Available in sets of two or four, they offer a reliable solution for your fitness needs.

Installing the chrome-plated, solid-steel pegs is a breeze. Simply slide them into upright holes, and they are instantly ready for action. Utilize the pegs by attaching resistance bands, chains, or other accessories to intensify your lifts. Whether you’re performing compound exercises like squats and deadlifts or focusing on warm-ups, mobility exercises, and rehab, these band pegs will enable you to create a variable load and optimize your training sessions.

  • Length: 260mm
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Material: Chrome-plated steel
  • Supplied in a set of two or four