Utility Rack Handles



Introducing our utility rack handles, designed with a hard chrome finish for a touch of elegance and exceptional durability. The premium coating not only adds a polished and professional look but also ensures long-lasting performance. The handles are thoughtfully crafted with light knurling, delivering a secure and comfortable grip, even during your most intense workout sessions.

These versatile handles can be easily attached to your rack, enabling you to perform chin-up exercises with ease. Adjust the height according to your preferences and specific needs for a personalized workout experience. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of our utility rack handles as they enhance your strength training routine while providing optimal comfort and functionality.

Moreover, the handles offer enhanced versatility; they can be connected to the safety arms of your rack, transforming them into a functional dip bar attachment. This feature allows for a wider range of strength training exercises, making them a versatile addition to your fitness equipment.

  • Handle Diameter: 39mm
  • Compatible with 21mm hole size and 50mm hole spacing racks
  • Suitable for Racks with either 75mm or 80mm Dimensions