Safety Arms with Index Plunger Pair


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The FITEK Safety Arm attaches to your power rack so you can perform lifts safely without a spotter. These heavy duty arms are made from the same high quality powder finished steel as our modular rack uprights, so they are extremely sturdy with a capacity of over 600kg. They feature a super thick rubber pad which reduces noise and cushions your barbell to prevent damage from contact. The pad is designed to be detachable so that it can be easily replaced if necessary.

Quickly and easily adjust the Safety Arm height on your rack to suit your workout. Our Safety Arm is specially made with an index plunger at the back that locks the unit in place and prevents unwanted movement. The pin is made from stainless steel, which won’t rust, and the arm fits snugly to the rack without scraping the metal uprights thanks to extra nylon cushioning on sides.

FITEK Safety Arms feature our 2-way hole design so they can be combined with various attachments. This gives you virtually unlimited training options – attach handles for dips or anchors for power band work. The convenience factor is huge.

These Safety Arms are made to fit the FITEK Modular Rack system, or any power rack with 21mm hole diameter and 50mm spacing.

This product is sold as a pair.