FITEK Transformer


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Taking into account valuable feedback from our esteemed customers, we have carefully addressed their concerns and are thrilled to unveil an enhanced version of the Transformer. This latest model is specifically designed to cater to gyms with limited space, boasting a more compact design while incorporating additional functions that elevate the overall workout experience.

Introducing the FITEK Transformer, a versatile exercise machine that opens up endless possibilities for unilateral workouts. It features two weight stacks, each weighing 144kg, in a 2:1 ratio, ensuring it meets the weight requirements of all fitness levels.

With its 15 vertical and 11 horizontal adjustable arm positions, this powerhouse offers unparalleled flexibility. The uprights and beams are equipped with a 4-way hole design, allowing compatibility with various power rack attachments like the landmine and dip bar.

To further enhance the machine’s functionality, we have introduced a 4-way hole post at the center. This addition includes a slider with roller pads and a semicircle pad attachment. The roller pads can serve as leg stoppers for lat pulldowns and leg rollers for lunges, while the semicircle pad functions as back support during chest workouts. The slider boasts nine adjustable positions, providing ample room for meticulous personalization.

For a lat pulldown exercise, you have the option to utilize the roller pad along with a bench or opt for the dedicated lat pulldown seat attachment.
Seated rows are also made possible with our new Transformer. By attaching the 1:1 ratio converter and the seated row foot plates to the center post, you can engage in seated rows with weights up to 144kg.

  • Frame: 75*75*3mm Gauge Steel
  • Pulley Wheels: Aluminium
  • Free Standing, no bolting down required️
  • Weight Stack  2 x 144kg dual weight stacks, a total of 288kg.
  • Weight Stack Increment: bottom 1o longer pieces incrementing by 9kg each, top 12 pieces each adding 4.5kg
  • 15 vertical and 11 horizontal Settings
  • Footprint: H 2330mm x W 3500mm (with fully extended arms) x Deep 1430mm