Comfy Band Package


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The FITEK™ Comfy Bands are specifically designed to meet the needs of rehabilitation, prehab and activation drills. Their small size, shape and resistance make them ideal for these activities. The bands also come with buckles that provide a snug fit and easy-on/easy-off convenience. Additionally, they are crafted with woven fabric & rubber, providing gentle contact with the skin and hair while ensuring maximum strength.

The FITEK™ Comfy Bands are perfect for prehab exercises like monster walks where the user crab-walks sideways with their ankles looped in the band. This is an excellent activation exercise that works to engage the gluteal muscles. With FITEK™ Comfy Bands, you get a safe and effective prehab experience.

The set of three bands come in small, medium and heavy resistance levels. This wide range of resistances allows the users to tailor their training program to their needs, allowing them to slowly but surely increase their strength and flexibility.

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a prehab routine or a physical therapist looking for a complete rehabilitation package, the FITEK™ Comfy Bands are an invaluable addition to your training. With their comfort, versatility and range of resistances, they are the perfect tool for recovery and prehab work. Get yours today!