Cable Pulley Add On For Rigs & Racks PRE-ORDER JULY 2024



Revamp your gym with our adaptable FITEK pulley unit – it easily attaches to power racks with 50mm hole spacing.

With customizable options and cost-effective solutions, you can create an ideal workout setup without sacrificing valuable space. The Cable Add On attachment adds a functional trainer, lat pulldown with seat attachment, and seated row with footplate attachment. Additionally, seat and footplate attachments come bundled in the package.

Our cable boasts two pulley options – a high fixed pulley for lat pulldowns and an adjustable pulley that can slide up and down for seated rows. Upgrade your gym and optimize your routine with our 144kg weight stack pulley, and we offer three connecting beam options (625mm, 775mm, and 1100mm) to connect the cable with the racks, along with multiple choices for the cable to attach racks, dumbbell boards, flat boards, ball shelf, and bumper plates toaster. Reach out to us now to discuss customized requirements and take the first step in creating the perfect gym setup for optimal results.