Change Plates



FITEK Change Plates are ideal for optimizing barbell weight training. When it comes to progressive overload and serious strength training, it can be important to make small but accurate changes in load for your working sets, as well as when pushing for PRs. Our Change Plates are designed so that athletes can make exact adjustments to the weight on the barbell.

FITEK Olympic Change Plates are made from high precision carbon steel and 100% virgin rubber coating that covers the whole plate, so they are robust, durable and super accurate. The centre hole is specially designed so that plates slide easily one way but resist sliding the other way. This allows for easy loading onto the barbell, and once in place, the plates grip firmly to the barbell sleeves, minimizing unwanted movement.

Weight increments range from 0.5kg to 2.5kg, allowing for the most precise adjustments down to the kilogram. Each plate has the weight clearly marked and is colour-coded using IWF standard colouring scaled down to the smaller weights. This allows for quick identification and helps to make calculations easy.

Collar opening on all FITEK Change Plates is 50.1mm to fit standard Olympic and Powerlifting barbells.


  • 2 x White 0.5kg
  • 2 x Green 1.0kg
  • 2 x Yellow 1.5kg
  • 2 x Blue 2.0kg
  • 2 x Red 2.5kg

Plate Dimensions: 

  • 0.5kg: 12mm thickness x 135mm diameter
  • 1.0kg: 14mm thickness x 160mm diameter
  • 1.5kg: 17mm thickness x 175mm diameter
  • 2.0kg: 19mm thickness x 190mm diameter
  • 2.5kg: 19mm thickness x 210mm diameter

Collar Opening: 50.1mm

Materials: #45 Steel coated with virgin rubber

Weight tolerance +/- 10 grams of claimed weight