Integrated Bumper Plates



FITEK Integrated Bumper Plates are made from recycled crumbed rubber particles and coloured flecks. This type of plate is sometimes called Hi-Temp because the particles are fused together under high pressure and high temperature. Bumper plates constructed via this method are extremely impact-resistant, making them perfect for outdoor use on rough ground or training styles where weights are dropped from overhead, so they are very popular for CrossFit.

The weight identification is pressed clearly onto both sides so that it is highly visible and is colour-coded along with the logo and coloured flecks to be easily recognized at a glance. The rubber used is low-odour and stuck together with eco-friendly glue, while the surface features a matte finish to increase grip for extra safety. All FITEK Bumper Plates are manufactured with a robust inner ring made from stainless steel with hard chrome plating, which makes them strong and resistant to rust.

Integrated Bumper Plates are wider than standard plates, which helps absorb more shock from being dropped. This makes them great for CrossFit and Olympic lifting but means fewer plates can fit on either side of a barbell. For a versatile plate that can be used in a gym, garage, or even on rough surfaces outdoors, look no further than FITEK Integrated Bumper Plates.

  • 2pcs of 5kg – White Flecks (size: 45cm x 3.2cm x 45cm)
  • 2pcs of 10kg – Green Flecks (size: 45cm x 5.3cm x 45cm)
  • 2pcs of 15kg – Yellow Flecks (size: 45cm x 7.5cm x 45cm)
  • 2pcs of 20kg – Blue Flecks (size: 45cm x 8.0cm x 45cm)
  • 2pcs of 25kg – Red Flecks (size: 45cm x 10.0cm x 45cm)

Product Specifications:

  • Material: Recycled crumbed rubber with coloured flecks
  • Inner ring: Stainless steel with hard chrome plating
  • Surface: Non-slip matte finish
  • Diameter: 450mm
  • Collar opening: 51mm