Premium 25MM EPDM Rubber Gym Mats With White Fleck


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Please contact us for a freight quote as Rubber Mats need to be put on a pallet! Tail-lift service is required and its cost is extra. 

The FITEK Premium Gym Floor Mat is the leading mat on the market for floor protection and gym safety. It features a top layer of virgin EPDM rubber, which greatly improves the strength, durability and ease of maintenance, while still boasting all the advantages of our commercial Gym Mat.

The EPDM sheet is 2mm thick, on top of 23mm high-density crumb rubber. This feature allows you to easily wipe away spilt liquids or chalk with a cloth and water, preventing permanent absorption. On top of that, FITEK Premium Floor Mats are more durable and more resistant to wear and tear than ordinary floor mats. Designed for durability, our gym mats come with a 3-year warranty to ensure their long-lasting performance.

FITEK Gym Floor Mats contain no harmful substances. They are safe, durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and best of all, affordable. Whether you operate a commercial gym, personal training or Pilates studio, martial arts or gymnastics centre, FITEK Gym Mats provide a non-slip surface that looks great and keeps your floors protected.

We have custom colour options available including red flecks, blue flecks and other colours, or completely black with no flecks, at your request. We also offer discounts on unit price and postage for bulk orders to give you an even better price. Please contact us for more information.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1000mm x 1000mm x 25mm
  • Material: 2mm EPDM sheet on top, 23mm recycled tyre rubber underneath
  • Colour: Black with white flecks (custom options available)
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Surface: Non-slip
  • Warranty: 3 years


  • Durable – Shock absorbent and highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Safe – Contains no harmful substances
  • Flexible – Can be rolled up and will return to original shape
  • Easy to maintain – Simply wipe with a mop or damp cloth to clean, does not absorb liquids
  • Low odour – No strong rubber smell
  • Environmentally friendly – Mostly made from recycled rubber
  • Affordable – High quality at a low price

What makes FITEK Floor Mats different?

The 2mm thick EPDM top layer is what makes the FITEK Premium Floor Mat superior to its competition. Not only does this increase durability greatly, but it also has the added benefit of completely sealing the surface, to make cleaning completely hassle-free. Where other mats can absorb spilt liquids and chalk into the crumbed rubber particles and leave stains, FITEK Premium Floor Mats can be simply wiped clean without leaving ugly marks.

Just like our commercial Floor Mat, the crumbed rubber that FITEK Premium Floor Mats are made from is composed entirely of uniform small particles. This means that instead of leaving small particles on top and large particles on the bottom as other mats do, they are instead distributed evenly throughout the mat during the production process. The result is a better balance of durability and flexibility, with even strength throughout the mat.