Cambered Multi Grip Barbell


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The FITEK Cambered Multi Grip Barbell is a specialty bar that combines the benefits of a standard cambered barbell with a range of neutral grip positions to alleviate stress on the lifter’s shoulders and wrists.

This highly versatile barbell is designed for anyone who loves to press. The camber angle allows for a much deeper range of motion for better activation of chest muscles, while the carefully engineered grip positions provide unique training stimuli for the upper body. An added benefit to the neutral grip is that stress on the shoulders and wrists can be greatly reduced throughout pressing motions compared to a standard barbell, which makes the FITEK Cambered Multi Grip Barbell especially suitable for athletes recovering from injuries.

Attention to detail is paramount to the design of our Cambered Multi Grip Barbell. The barbell features narrow, medium and wide grips angled at 10, 12.5 and 15 degrees respectively, providing for a range of workout variations that activate upper body muscles in different ways. The grips are knurled for a non-slip but comfy grasp, giving the same feel as holding a normal barbell.

The bar itself is made from powder coated steel for extra durability, while the sleeves are stainless steel to allow easy loading and unloading of weight plates. The capacity is a huge 680kg so you can push your lifts to the absolute limit. Other multi grip barbells can have significant variance in weight, but the FITEK Cambered Multi Grip Barbell is exactly 20kg. And it fits racks with a minimum width of 105.38cm and maximum width of 130cm.

For lifters who want to take their pressing to the next level or for those who feel shoulder or wrist strain pressing with a standard barbell, the FITEK Cambered Multi Grip Barbell is a powerhouse of functionality and versatility.


  • Weight: 20kg
  • Total Length: 216.2cm
  • Sleeve Length: 42.55cm
  • Sleeve Diameter: 50mm
  • Fit Racks with width of 105.38cm to 130cm