Boxing Bag Hanger


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FITEK Boxing Bag Hanger is designed to expand the range and adaptability of power racks, and this attachment is compatible with rack uprights with 21mm hole diameter and 50mm spacing. Mounting hardware are all included, which are 3 sets of M20 Bolts and Nyloc Nuts.

Made from 11 gauge steel 75mm*75mm*3mm, the hanging beam measures 1100mm, mounting plate is 300mm long and features 3 holes spaced 150mm on center.

Package includes:

  • Hanging Beam
  • Shackles with stainless steel carabiner with bearing
  • Hardware

Rack Specifications:

  • Metal Material: 11 gauge steel 75mm*75mm*3mm
  • Top Grade Powder Coating
  • Length: 1100mm
  • Width: 75mm
  • Mounting hardware of M20 Bolts and Nyloc Nuts x 3 sets are included