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Warranty Information


Warranty commences on the date of purchase from Fitek as marked on invoice.
Warranty claims in remote areas or outside metropolitan areas may incur a charge. Parts and labor outside the warranty coverage will be charged at a nominal rate, including freight.
Warranties do not cover ordinary wear and tear; user negligence, misuse or abuse, accident, fire, or malicious damage by a third person; alterations or modifications by a non-authorized service technician.
At Fitek various products supplied by different manufacturers come with different warranties. For further details refer to the product details or contact us at [email protected] 

Dumbbells 1 year

1-year warranty (return to base). General wear and tear are not covered under warranty. 3 month warranty on upholstery, neoprene and rubber.

What common causes can damage the hex dumbbells that are not covered under warranty:
Dumbbell head becomes loose - This is a result of constant dropping.
Rubber head gets cut or chipped - Very similar damage as before caused by throwing or dropping the dumbbells repeatedly
Drying or cracking - This is caused by having the dumbbells being left outdoors or being exposed to UV
Normal wear and tear, surface scratches
cosmetic damage - This can also be caused by dropping the dumbbells on rough edges (e.g. edges of benches, racks)

Medicine Balls

12 month warranty. (Double Colour Medicine Ball)
12 month warranty. (Double Grip Medicine Ball)
3 month warranty. (Slam balls)
6 month warranty. (Wall Medicine Balls)

Wear and tear due to slam or hard/rough surfaces are not covered under warranty.

Power Bands

30 day warranty (return to base). General wear and tear are not covered under warranty.

Bumper Plates Warranty:

12 months of warranty period
Warranty does not cover if:
        1.    use outdoors
        2.    use on surface without rubber mats
        3.    use on a rigid or uneven surface, such as concrete
        4.    use with barbells over 50mm collar diameter
Normal wear and tear, cosmetic damages, surface scratches and chipping are not included in the warranty
For maintenance, please wipe clean with warm water and then wipe dry. And please