Elite Flat Bench 3.0 IPF Spec



The new and improved FITEK Elite Flat Bench 3.0 is our strongest bench yet with a wicked new look. Built to IPF specifications, the pad is extra thick for increased comfort and durability, while the super sturdy legs provide maximum stability. Ideal for Powerlifting, this is the ultimate bench for extreme heavy lifting.

First and foremost, our Elite Flat Bench 3.0 is made to be strong. The frame is made from 3.5mm thick square steel and contacts the ground at 3 points for perfect balance. The result is a rock-solid foundation to support the body during intense lifts, while the shape allows the lifter to position their feet unimpeded. The extra thick pad is made from polyurethane with a soft but super durable leather texture and high-grip surface. We use high quality double stitching, which is rubber sealed to protect from damage and drastically reduces wear and tear. Anti-slip rubber feet are fixed to all 3 contact points to protect the floor and ensure the bench stays securely in place.

The FITEK Elite Flat Bench 3.0 is not just a one trick pony. It has been designed for simplicity but also versatility, and can function perfectly in a Powerlifting gym, commercial fitness studio or modest home setup. The bench allows athletes to perform a wide variety of exercises, from heavy barbell presses to dumbbell movements, cables or bands and so on. The steel frame features a 4-way hole design for attaching a variety of other equipment, allowing for even more workout options.

Despite its size and solid appearance, the FITEK Elite Flat Bench 3.0 is highly portable. Fatter wheels on one end of the bench mean it rolls smoothly and can be repositioned easily. The sturdy pull handle has been redesigned to feature light knurling, just like a barbell – easy to grip but not uncomfortable. For storage, the unit includes a revolutionary built-in stand, allowing it to be stored vertically in a corner or next to a wall. The stand features a curved edge so it can even be moved around while upright. This is great for maximising space on the gym floor.

On top of the functional improvements, our Elite Flat Bench 3.0 is designed to look good in its environment. The contrasting colour aesthetic gives the bench a striking visual impact while also matching well alongside other equipment. Customers can choose from four available colours: Matte Grey, Original Blue, Hot Red or Gloss Black.


  • Loading capacity: 1200kg
  • Dimensions: 1260mm length x 555mm width x 450mm height
  • Pad dimensions: 1260mm length x 310mm width x 100mm thickness
  • Frame material: Gauge Steel, 75mm x 75mm x 3.5mm
  • Pad surface material: PU with anti-slip Texture
  • Padding strength: Firm
  • Anti-slip rubber feet prevent slipping and protect floor
  • Pull handle and thick wheels for easy mobility
  • Weight: 34kg