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AOK Balance Pad TPE Material

The Most Popular and Best Selling On the Australia Fitness Market

Perfect Balance Training Gear, Suitable for All Ages

This Balance Pad is manufactured from high quality closed cell speciality foam and consists of millions of air bubbles. It gently compresses as you stand on it, making you feel as if you were standing on a cloud. Exercises should be done barefoot on the warm and comfortable Balance-pad.

Today, body and mind programmes are popular in the areas of fitness and wellness. A maximum training effect can be achieved with a minimum of effort. Special exercises not only provide cardiovascular training but also improve your balance as well as posture and body awareness. An effective active relaxation method for your feet, as well as for your body, mind and soul.

In both physiotherapy and rehabilitation, a firm stance is the starting point for physio-therapeutic and sport-therapeutic efforts to regain walking skills and foot function.

Dimensions: 390 x 490 x 60 mm

Material: TPE Foam Hardness 22+ – Density 47kg/m3 (=/- 5%) SHORE C 6-10

EVA foam is closed cell foam made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and blended copolymers. It has a high level of chemical cross-linking. The result is a semi-rigid product with a fine uniform cell structure that is suitable for use in a wide variety of situations and applications.

Benefits of TPE Foam include:

Can be heat moulded at various densities to give various levels of hardness (Shore Tests)

Impact and vibration absorption

Weather and chemical resistance

Acoustic and thermal insulation properties

Low water absorption

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