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FITEK Complete Latex Resistance Tube Package

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100% Pure Natural Latex Resistance Tube Package, Tough Commercial Grade, Best Quality Guarantee!

Our FITEK Latex Bands are excellent for upper and lower body therapy. They help tone and shape muscles and improve strength and range of motion. The resistance bands are portable and easily stored, making them perfect for home use, or on-the-go. Our Dual-Layer resistance tubes are made of 100% pure natural latex, which is highly durable and reliable. All the accessories are made from tough commercial-grade materials: solid ABS handle, thick steel rings, tough steel snap hooks, and robust nylon straps. See below for more details.


Dual-layer resistance tubes, made of 100% natural latex. These tubes are extremely durable, offer variable resistance and high elasticity – much stretchier than rubber. Each tube comes with a tough steel snap hook, 7mm in thickness, allowing them to be quickly and safely secured to rings or handles.


Handles are made from high strength ABS plastic and coated with neoprene foam. This makes them very robust but comfortable to hold and easy to grip. The pads are anti-slip to improve safety and do not absorb fluids such as water or sweat. Fastened to each handle is a chromed steel ring, 50mm in diameter and 6mm thick, acting as a secure attachment point for resistance tubes.

Ankle wraps:

Nylon straps with neoprene fabric used in wetsuits, known to be strong, durable and highly resistant to wear and tear. The material does not absorb sweat, heavy-duty padded straps that is comfortable on the ankle, even under tension. They attach to the clips on the ends of the tubes. These wraps are longer than traditional straps.

Door anchor:

A nylon strap with a large piece of neoprene foam, designed to function as a sturdy anchor point in between a closed-door for attaching resistance tubes. This is a convenient tool that lets you work out from home and won't scratch the door frame or chip the paint.

Anywhere anchor:

A nylon strap with heavy-duty sticking and neoprene padding, designed to enable performing all kinds of resistance bands and tubes exercises anywhere, it can easily wrap medium-sized trees, park benches, or any other solid objects.


A convenient drawstring backpack.

Package Includes:

  • 6 Dual-Layer resistance tubes (made of 100% pure natural latex) with tough steel snap hooks
  • A pair of super tough ABS material handles with soft NBR foam pads and thick steel rings
  • A pair of adjustable neoprene ankle straps with thick steel rings
  • Door anchor
  • Anywhere anchor
  • Compact carry bag


  • All tubes are 1.2m long
  • Orange tube diameter: 17mm
  • Black tube diameter: 14mm
  • Blue tube diameter: 13mm
  • Red tube diameter: 11mm
  • Green tube diameter: 9mm
  • Yellow tube diameter: 7mm
  • Steel snap hook thickness: 7mm
  • Steel rings thickness: 6mm
  • Steel rings diameter: 50mm

Resistance Approximately:

  • Orange tube: 27.5kg
  • Black tube: 17.5kg
  • Blue tube: 12.5kg
  • Red tube: 7.5kg
  • Green tube: 5.5kg
  • Yellow tube: 2kg

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