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Power Bands & Latex Tubes

Power Bands & Latex Tubes

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FITEK Utility / Powerband Handles

Product Code: FPBA002

$69.00 Ex Tax: $62.73

FITEK Utility Handles are multi-functional and extremely strong. They are designed to be compatible with other equipment, making them cost-effective and highly versatile for any workout. Attach power bands to perform rotations, lifts, pulls and presses, or use them with a pull-up bar to adjust the grip and work a greater range of muscles.
FITEK Utility Handles are made from high-quality stainless steel, much stronger than cast iron, which makes them durable and resistant to chipping. Most power band handles would be unsafe if you tried lifting your own body weight, and could even break. FITEK Utility Handles, on the other hand, are thicker, stronger and tougher – Each handle can lift at least 150kg. They can, therefore, be safely used to perform chin-ups and other bodyweight exercises, as well as being able to do all the jobs that other power band handles can do.
The thick handles feature a comfortable odourless rubber grip, designed to feel natural and secure in your hand. The solid construction and shape of the handles allow you to perform various exercises without impeding the range of motion. Using them with power bands gives you maximum control throughout the movement, as well as protecting the bands and lengthening their lifespan. FITEK Utility Handles are compatible and safe to use with ALL power bands.


Product Specifications:

Package dimensions:          26cm x 26cm x 5.5cm
Material:                               Stainless steel
Grip:                                     Comfortable odourless rubber
Gross weight:                       2kg per pair

FITEK Utility Handles are multi-functional and extremely strong. They are designed to be compatible..
$69.00 Ex Tax: $62.73
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