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In-Stock 20KG Hard Chrome Olympic Barbell-1000lbs

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FITEK Olympic Barbell 1000lb

The 1000lb capacity FITEK Olympic Barbell is an affordable bar that boasts many of the same top quality features as more expensive barbells. Our barbell features a hard chrome protective surface, designed to be wear-resistant, durable and strong. This type of chrome plating is much thicker than the decorative chrome used by most other brands. Our hard chrome is for a lot more than just aesthetic appeal, which is why our barbell is tougher and more durable.

Our barbell is one of the only 1000lb bars on the market featuring 8 needle bearings, which provide minimal friction, and are perfect for the fast movements required in Olympic lifts. Needle bearings are superior to ball bearings in a barbell, as the larger surface area guides the sleeve with precision, allowing a smooth and consistent spin and maintaining a steady balance. These special bearings let the sleeves rotate freely to minimise stress on your joints during a lift, without compromising on stability. The copper bushings on each side add extra robustness to the sleeves, making the barbell durable enough to be dropped from overhead with bumper plates.

Each barbell weighs 20kg, has a grip diameter of 28mm and a total length of 2200mm, following the Olympic standard. There is plenty of space on the 50mm sleeves to accommodate weight plates of varying thicknesses, and the bar can be loaded up to 453.59kg (1000lb) with a tensile strength of 170,000 PSI. On top of this, our Olympic barbells feature comfortable 1.2mm diamond knurling. This provides enough grip that you feel in control of the bar, but not so aggressive that it becomes painful to hold.

Compared to other 1000lb barbells on the market, the FITEK Olympic Barbell performs better thanks to the 8 needle bearings and hard chrome plating. We kept the best features of more expensive bars to produce a barbell that is still affordable, but also versatile enough to be used for all types of weight training, from Olympic lifts to powerlifting, CrossFit or bodybuilding.

Product Specifications

·Hard chrome plating

·8 needle bearings (4 each side)

·2 bushings (1 each side)

·Capacity – 453.59kg (1000lb)

·Tensile strength – 170,000PSI

·Weight – 20kg

·Length – 2200mm

·Grip diameter – 28mm

·Sleeve diameter – 50mm

·Knurling depth – 1.2mm

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